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The Traffic Graffix Training Boards are the most practical hands on traffic control training Iíve ever seen. These boards allow the class to design and set-up actual 3D Traffic Control Plans. Itís the next best thing to being in the field. Iíve never seen adults get so involved in training. When training becomes fun, people get involved. Great idea! Keep up the good work.

2002 President Michigan Section of IMSA
Bruce W. Gasaway

We had many favorable and encouraging comments made about these training tools, and passed the name and telephone number of your company to the interested parties. I have also requested funding in next yearís budget for the purchase of one of these boards for our work zone training efforts. I want to thank you for allowing us to show off these devices and hopefully pass along ideas for improving otherís training programs. Thanks again for lending us the boards, magnetic signs and markers. I look forward to working with Traffic Graffix in the future.

David B. Rush
Transportation Engineer- Work Zone Safety Coordinator
Commonwealth of Virginia

The hands-on training experience provided in our one-day practical construction/work zone workshop is by far the most exciting training experience Iíve been involved in during my 37 years of professional engineering work. Additionally, in the three years I have been coordinating traffic safety outreach classes at Michigan State University, this is the first class where class feedback was, Donít change a thing . And, I am currently coordinating 18 different classes! It is extremely gratifying to see class attendees actually get excited over a training experience and to watch them applaud the instructors at the end of a workshop for which they had to pay $85.00 to attend.

Thomas R. Krycinski, P.E.
Manager, Highway Traffic Safety Programs
Michigan State University

††††††††††† The following is an excerpt from "Michigan Details Its Work Zone Board" by Tim DeWitt in IMAS Journal, November-December 1997:

††††††††††† The Advanced Construction Work Zone course was one of those extras offered. Course development had already started in the late 1980ís. Participants put to practical use the basics learned in the Construction Work Zone, Level 1. Using the concept of small group problem solving, the participants are given a construction or maintenance task to plan. They are instructed to design a proper, effective construction work zone plan that will accomplish the work zone plan and accomplish the goals of the project with an emphasis on safety. Participants are randomly assigned to small groups of 5-6 people, creating interaction by all group members.

††††††††††† Each group is given a specific construction work zone problem, covering a wide variety of carefully thought out situations. Working in these small groups, a traffic control scenario and methodology is developed and then presented to the full class for analysis and interaction.

††††††††††† This presentation is made to the class using a large Traffic Control Planner Board. In addition to the board, all standard signs in the MUTCD are reproduced in minature (and magnetized), along with the barrels, cones, etc. The rural layout shows an inter-state system complete with on/off ramps and service roads. The second layout is a five lane, urban street including side streets, bridges, railroad crossing, etc.

††††††††††† Once each traffic control plan is presented, the class has a chance to critique, ask questions and discuss alternatives. The key to making the class meaningful is interaction! Before they are done, several other good scenarios might be realized. The team might even be challenged to deal with an incident that requires real time solutions to the problem.

††††††††††† With interaction like this, everyone in the class goes away with a heightened awareness of how to apply the requirements of the MUTCD and improved their own operations.

††††††††††† The training board concept was developed by several capable board members who had a vision. The first board was made of plywood and detailed with auto detailing tape. Bruce Gasaway of the Muskegon County Road Commission, making it on his own time was a labor of love. Today the boards are full color, high quality, magnetic or non-magnetic and commercially available from Traffic Graphics at this website or at 231-773-2696. They are available in a variety of packages. Signs and devices are included and the board can be written on with erasable markers.

††††††††††† Originally the work zone problems were designed by several board members, presented with a standard overhead projector and hand drawn. Todayís problems are involved and thought provoking. Each problem is structured in such a way that there is no one correct way to design the traffic control solution. Many items must be taken into account including staging, time restrictions, noise levels, traffic volumes and even special events. These involved problems, coupled with the visual aspects make a powerful training too!

††††††††††† The training board concept has been embraced by Michigan State University in their own continuing education program, Highway Traffic Safety for Civil & Environmental Engineering.

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