Traffic Graphics

Traffic Graphics Control Planning / Training System
Traffic control situations can be more easily explained and understood using a visual graphic approach. Details can be finalized before reaching the job site, saving time and reducing the possibility of confusion.
Instructional Traffic Graphics Applications Office and in-the-field Traffic Graphics Applications
  • Graphical traffic control plans
  • maintenance / construction work zones
  • flagger / traffic regulator training
  • work zone and traffic control planning for maintenance operations
  • agency worker training
  • contractor training
  • problem solving
  • determining device needs and quantities
The STUDENT DEVICE KIT Contains 312 Traffic Graphics pieces.
The ADVANCED DEVICE KIT contains 758 Traffic Graphics pieces.
Magnetic Device Specifications
Layout Specifications
  • Attach to magnetic layouts for use in either flat or upright position.
  • Devices come in actual shapes and colors.
  • Devices organized within multi- compartment carrying cases.
  • Flexible material making all layouts lightweight and easily transportable.
  • Laminated surface enables dry- erase markers to be used.
  • Lamination adds strength, durability and is moisture resistant.
  • Layouts can be ordered magnetic or non-magnetic.
Urban and rural layouts* are available to meet the individual needs of different types of areas. The detailed layouts provide users with multiple road scenarios that apply to real-life situations. Layouts can be ordered in large(36x72), medium(24x48), and small(16x32) sizes.
Urban layout shows one-way streets, 5-lane road with center left turn lane, sidewalks, traffic signals, railroad crossing, city block streets, curbs, dead-end street and curved road, manhole covers, crosswalks and telephone poles.
Rural layout shows divided highway, on/off ramps, overpasses, curved road, gravel road, country roads, dead-end road, creek and a two-lane bridge, and guard rails.
CLASSROOM Traffic Graphics Training System SET contains (1) Large Urban or Rural Layout, (1) Advanced Device Kit, (6) Small Layouts, (6) Student Device Kits.
INSTRUCTOR SET (1) Large Urban or Rural Layout & (1) Advanced Device Kit
OFFICE SET (1) Medium Urban or Rural Layout. & (1) Advanced Device Kit.
STUDENT SET (1) Small Urban or Rural Layout & (1) Student Device Kit.
The Traffic Graffix Training Boards are the most practical hands on traffic control training I've ever seen. These boards allow the class to design and set-up actual 3D Traffic Control Plans. It's the next best thing to being in the field. I've never seen adults get so involved in training. When training becomes fun, people get involved. Great idea! Keep up the good work.
2002 President Michigan Section of IMSA
Bruce W. Gasaway
We had many favorable and encouraging comments made about these training tools, and passed the name and telephone number of your company to the interested parties. I have also requested funding in next year's budget for the purchase of one of these boards for our work zone training efforts. I want to thank you for allowing us to show off these devices and hopefully pass along ideas for improving other's training programs. Thanks again for lending us the boards, magnetic signs and markers. I look forward to working with Traffic Graffix in the future.
David B. Rush
Transportation Engineer- Work Zone Safety Coordinator
Commonwealth of Virginia
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